ShieldMyKids has the key features you need for online protection.

With customizable features, your internet experience can be safe and secure for your entire family. Here are just a few of the unique features you’ll have access to when you subscribe to ShieldMyKids.

Filter Content

Gain more control over internet usage by filtering content they can access.

Manage Screen Time

With ShieldMyKids you have more power to protect your kids online.

Track Browsing

Monitor the browsing history of your kids to ensure they are using the internet safely.

Take Breaks

You can set designated “off” times throughout the day or week.

Device Level Control

You can customize your internet experience by device.

Many households own more than one internet-enabled device or data-enabled device.

Your kids have game consoles, smartphones or tablets of their own.
 You can control all devices in your home by grouping users, devices, or by age. If you have children of different age ranges, you can set rules that allow older children to view some sites while younger children will not have access to those same sites.

Filtering Content

If online games are consuming your child’s every waking hour, gain more control over their internet usage by filtering content.

While your child might not be thrilled about having limited access to certain games or forums, it is in everyone’s best interest to limit internet time.

Whether you have one device or ten devices in your home, ShieldMyKids can provide control and filtering options for all of them.

Managing Screen Time

You have more power to control internet time closely or allow more flexibility.

Tired of trying to get the kids to the dinner table because of online games? ShieldMyKids allows you to turn off internet access during certain times and take back control of your day.

Stop the arguments at bedtime and limit access to educational sites or hobbies and interests.

Track Browsing History

It’s important to monitor the browsing history of your children to ensure they are using the internet safely.

Sometimes youngsters find themselves on sites they shouldn’t be on, but you can prevent that from happening by:

You determine who has access to the browsing history and it cannot be deleted. Everything is stored in the cloud so you can see it anytime you want. Access to such information ensures that you can protect your kids online even when you aren’t there.

Taking Internet Breaks

With just the click of a button from your smartphone or laptop, you can control access to the internet in your home.

Because you can use ShieldMyKids on a number of devices, no matter what device your kids are using, the internet access can be turned off which gives parents more control.

Protection on the Go

With Mobile Protection, your protection and rules are not just limited to your home.

Your kids can safely travel with their smartphones and Android devices while maintaining rules set by you at home.

Using the custom protection app for mobile phones and tablets, you can be sure that your kids are protected at all times.

All the great features of Shield My Kids on the go!