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Start protecting your kids online - today

How important to you is internet protection, visibility of websites visited & screen time limits? ShieldMyKids provides the most comprehensive protection combined with support & updates to reduce your concerns.

We offer a straightforward & single monthly plan that covers your family & devices at home & outside of home. For the price of an average bottle of wine we protect your entire family.

We have an initial sign-up fee that provides a WiFi router at your home plus the first months subscription. Thereafter it’s a straightforward monthly subscription that includes all of our features.

ShieldMyKids Benefits

  • ShieldMyKids is an essential part of protecting the internet experience for your family
  • Keep your kids safe online at home or on the go
  • You can even offer protection services to guests and their children in your home
  • Get the customized protection you need to be confident in your children’s internet experience
  • Protects outside the home and includes a Mobile App for Android & Apple IOS devices


(a €69.99 Value)
  • FREE- WiFi Router Sent Right to your Door
  • Unlimited Devices Protected
  • Protects Devices on Your Home Network
  • Protects Mobile Devices
  • Protects Inside & Outside the Home
  • Filter by Category - e.g. Gaming, Porn, Dating, Social Media
  • Google, Bing and YouTube Restriction
  • Schedule internet Access by Time
  • Block, Restrict or Stop Access to the Internet
  • Set Custom Limits - e.g. Bedtime, Homework, Dinner, School
  • Apps for Android and Apple Devices
  • 60 Days of Browsing History
  • 3G, 4G, 5G Networks Supported
  • 3rd Party WiFi Networks Supported - e.g School, Hotels etc.
  • Protection at School & on Holiday
  • Support & Automatic Updates Provided
Free Router

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