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When you subscribe, we send you a wireless router.

The Wireless Router protects devices in the home that are connected via WiFi or cable connection.

It provides protection for computers, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or any other devices connected to the router.

We also provide Android & IOS Apps that protect devices when outside of the home.

This dual combination provides the most comprehensive protection available.

Yes. This allows you to determine limits for desktop, laptop, smartphone, television or another devices.

Only the system administrator can lift the limitations. It is password protected and passwords should be difficult to guess.

Because the limitations are set by device, you’ll get a notification if a device has been removed from the system manually.

You will also get a notification if the app is uninstalled from the mobile device.

Yes, you can establish groups and assign rules on the time of day, or day of week.

Yes. You can control Android & Apple devices outside the home.

Yes, you can create a group called “block everything” and all access will be removed.

You can set groups such as kids, teenagers, parents, guests, or other groups you decide to designate.
Any new device that enters your home will be placed in the “guest” category. Set rules for guests as you wish.
You can easily change the groups from the administrator system with the correct password.

You can turn off all internet access to a single device or to multiple devices as needed.

You can view the history of all devices that are connected to ShieldMyKids or that have been connected to the system in the past.

You can create individual policies or create policies by age group.

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