Internet Supervision & Protection

Enforce Better Screen Time Habits

  • Block Access to Inappropriate Websites
  • Manage Internet Access by Day & Time
  • Set Schedules for School, Homework, Dinner, Bedtime
  • Control Websites By Category
  • Limit Games Console Access at Night
  • Monitor Websites Visited
  • Protect WiFi, Wired & Mobile Devices

Supervise & Protect Your Children Online

Enforce Better Internet Habits

  • Control Websites by Category
  • Block Access to Inappropriate Websites
  • Manage Internet Access By Day & Time
  • Set Schedules for School, Homework, Dinner, Bedtime
  • Limit Games Console Access at Night
  • Monitor Websites Visited
  • Protect WiFi, Wired & Mobile Devices

Protect your Kids from Cyber Threats

ShieldMyKids helps you to protect your children against online issues such as:
  • Inappropriate Content
  • CyberBullying
  • CyberPredators
  • Screen Addiction
  • Gaming

Filter Web Content

Gain more control over internet usage by filtering content that can be viewed.

Manage Screen Time

With ShieldMyKids you have more power to protect your kids online.

View Browsing

Monitor the browsing history of your kids to ensure they are using the internet safely.

Take Breaks

You can set designated “off” times throughout the day or week.


  • Filter Websites by Category
  • Filter Websites by URL Name
  • Monitor Websites Visited
  • Set Screen Time Schedules
  • Take Breaks
  • Set School, Sleep & Other Schedules
  • Mobile Protection On the Go
  • We Update your Router Firmware
  • Questions? Ask Our Experts

With a few simple steps, you can regain control of what your kids see online.

  • Protect your children and increase internet security in your home & outside
  • Protect all devices over WiFi & Cabled connection in the home.
  • Protect Android & iOS devices outside home
  • Supports Android & IOS on 3G, 4G, 5G & External WiFi

You Have Full Control

Control & Threat Protection

  • Maintain control over the content your kids have access to online.
  • Block malware and threats online with IBM Watson-backed supercomputer technology.
  • Setup dedicated WiFi networks for your kids or guests.

Control the Internet by Person, Group or Device

Customize your internet by Device, Person or Groups.

Households own more than one internet-enabled device or data-enabled device.

Your kids have Game Consoles, Smartphones, Tablets or Computers of their own.

You can control all devices in your home by grouping people, devices, or by age.

If you have children of different age ranges, you can set rules that allow older children to view some sites while younger children will not have access to those same sites.

Filter Internet Content

Gain Control Over Internet Usage by Filtering Content

Are online games are consuming your child’s every waking hour?

While your child might not be thrilled about having limited access to certain games or forums, it is in everyone’s best interest to limit internet time.

Whether you have one device or ten devices in your home, ShieldMyKids can provide control and filtering options for all of them.

ShieldMyKids also controls these types of sites:

Drugs, Gambling, Games, Pornography, Proxies Search Engines, Shopping, Social Media, sports, Threats

Manage Screen Time

You have power to control internet time closely or allow more flexibility.

  • Control how often and how long kids are online during the week.
  • Provide or limit access to certain sites,
  • Even turn off internet access during specific times of the day.

Tired of trying to get the kids to the dinner table because of online games? ShieldMyKids allows you to turn off internet access during certain times and take back control of your day.

Stop the arguments at bedtime and limit access to educational sites or hobbies and interests.

Monitor Internet History

It’s important to monitor browsing history to ensure they are using the internet safely.

Sometimes youngsters find themselves on sites they shouldn’t be on, but you can prevent that from happening by:

  • Monitoring internet usage.
  • And setting rules for certain devices or users in the family.

You determine who has access to the browsing history and it cannot be deleted. Everything is stored in the cloud so you can see it anytime you want. Access to such information ensures that you can protect your kids online even when you aren’t there.

Internet Breaks

With just the click of a button from your smartphone or laptop, you can control access to the internet.

  • Set designated “off” times throughout the day or week, or
  • Turn it off and on as needed to control usage and data.

Because you can use ShieldMyKids on a number of devices, no matter what device your kids are using, the internet access can be turned off which gives parents more control.

Easy Set Up

Connect an unlimited number of devices and provide rules for each device and child in your home. Easily set usage limits and ensure your kids don’t spend all day on their devices.

Decide which websites you want & which you don’t want your kids to access.

Works Across Internet Providers

ShieldMyKids is a truly portable service.

This means that if you have multiple Broadband or Mobile providers in your home, you are covered across all of them.

Switching Provider? The service follows you even if you switch Mobile providers or Broadband providers.

How does it work?

ShieldMyKids provides you with:

  • A WiFi router for the home - all your kids devices connect to this new WiFi network and are filtered and controlled. The WiFi router plugs into your internet modem via a single cable.
  • Mobile App - install on mobile devices that leave the home or connect to 3G/4G services and have them filtered as well.
  • A simple management portal accessible by web browser or mobile app.
  • Support via Email, WhatsApp & Online Chat should you need it.

Did You Say (Lockdown) Holiday?

We’ve got you covered. ShieldMyKids is also location agnostic.

With the app installed on your kids Android or Apple devices, they will be protected – even away from home.

Do you want the same familiar WiFi networks to connect to when on family vacation AT HOME or abroad? Just pack your SMK WiFi Router & plug it into the broadband connection at your destination. Your devices automagically connect to the same known WiFi networks as at home!

What devices do we cover?

ShieldMyKids provides you with Visibility & Control of:

  • Game Consoles - e.g. XBox, Playstation, Nintendo
  • Mobile Devices - Phones & Tablets
  • Laptop & Desktop Computers
  • Any internet enabled IoT devices such as: IP Cameras, Thermostats. Heating systems, Google Nest, Amazon Alexa & more

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