Internet Supervision & Protection

Enforce Better Screen Time Habits

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Supervise & Protect Your Children Online

Enforce Better Internet Habits

Filter Web Content

Gain more control over internet usage by filtering content they can access.
Control Websites by Category. Block Access to Inappropriate Websites.

Manage Screen Time

With ShieldMyKids you have more power to protect your kids online.

View Browsing

Monitor the browsing history of your kids to ensure they are using the internet safely.

Take Breaks

You can set designated “off” times throughout the day or week.

With a few simple steps, you can regain control of what your kids see online.

You Have Full Control

Maintain control over the content your kids have access to online. Block malware and threats online with IBM Watson-backed supercomputer technology.

Setup dedicated WiFi networks for your kids or guests.

Get Started Today

Sign up to Shield My Kids today. Prices from €8.99 per month for unlimited protected devices

Easy To Set Up

Connect an unlimited number of devices and provide rules for each device and child in your home. Easily set usage limits and ensure your kids don’t spend all day on their devices.

Decide which websites you want & which you don’t want your kids to access.

Works Across Service Providers

ShieldMyKids is a truly portable service.

This means that if you have multiple Broadband or Mobile providers in your home, you are covered across all of them.

Switching Provider? The service follows you even if you switch Mobile providers or Broadband providers.

Did You Say (Lockdown) Holiday?

We’ve got you covered. ShieldMyKids is also location agnostic.

With the app installed on your kids Android or Apple devices, they will be protected – even away from home.

Do you want the same familiar WiFi networks to connect to when on family vacation AT HOME or abroad? Just pack your SMK WiFi Router & plug it into the broadband connection at your destination. Your devices automagically connect to the same known WiFi networks as at home!